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Critical Race Theory in Education

I keep coming across the argument that CRT isn't being taught in schools because CRT is this narrow branch of legal studies which is only taught in higher education. This is clearly false. It is true that the field started out as a critique of our system of law but it has since expanded its influence to many other areas, one of which is education. As evidence of this, I present the following academic books and articles. The focus of these works varies from critique of our education system, use of CRT in teacher education/training and inclusion of CRT in curriculum. This is by no means a complete list, but is only what I compiled in about two hours of research. 


Critical Race Theory Perspectives on the Social Studies: The Profession ... - Google Books 2003

Critical Pedagogy and Race | Wiley 2005

Critical Race Theory in Education: All God's Children Got a Song (9780415952910): Dixson, Adrienne D., Rousseau, Celia K.: Books 2006

Critical Race Theory Matters - Google Books 2011

Critical Race Theory in Education 2013

Handbook of Critical Race Theory in Education - Google Books 2013

Foundations of Critical Race Theory in Education (Critical Educator): Taylor, Edward, Gillborn, David, Ladson-Billings, Gloria: 9781138819450: Books 2015

Critical Race Theory in Higher Education: 20 Years of Theoretical and Resea... - Google Books 2015

DisCrit - Google Books 2016

Envisioning Critical Race Praxis in Higher Education Through Counter-storyt... - Google Books 2016

Critical Race Theory in Teacher Education: Informing Classroom Culture and . 2019

Critical Race Theory in Mathematics Education - Google Books 2019

Race Is...Race Isn't - Google Books 2019

Critical Race Theory in the Academy - Google Books 2020

Academic Articles

Critical Race Theory and Education: History, Theory, and Implications - William F. Tate, 1997 ( 1997

In this essay, I examine the linkages between an emerging theoretical framework in the law-critical race theory-and its relation and application to the concepts of race, racism, and racial stereotyping in teacher education.

Critical race theory (CRT) challenges the dominant discourse on race and racism as it relates to education by examining how educational theory and practice are used to subordinate certain racial and ethnic groups.

This article extends our ongoing national discourse about the use of a growing body of scholarship in the field of education, critical race theory (CRT).

In this article, the authors use critical race theory (CRT), Paulo Freire’s problem-posing method, and case study research to introduce an alternative instructional and pedagogical methodology in teacher education...These experiences are critical to learning why they should and how they can talk about race and racism.

In this article, the author uses critical race theory (CRT) and Latina/Latino critical theory (LatCrit) to demonstrate how critical raced-gendered epistemologies recognize students of color as holders and creators of knowledge... She then offers implications of critical raced-gendered epistemologies for both research and practice and concludes by discussing some of the critiques of the use of these epistemologies in educational research.

Although Critical Race Theory (CRT) originated in the legal arena, its influence has proliferated throughout the social sciences literature

“So When It Comes Out, They Aren’t That Surprised That It Is There”: Using Critical Race Theory as a Tool of Analysis of Race and Racism in Education - Jessica T. DeCuir, Adrienne D. Dixson, 2004 ( 2004

Toward a Tribal Critical Race Theory in Education | SpringerLink 2005

ERIC - EJ739913 - The House that Race Built: Critical Pedagogy, African-American Education, and the Re-Conceptualization of a Critical Race Pedagogy, Educational Foundations, 2005 2005

And we are still not saved: critical race theory in education ten years later: Race Ethnicity and Education: Vol 8, No 1 ( 2006

Forging community in race and class: critical race theory and the quest for social justice in education: Race Ethnicity and Education: Vol 9, No 3 ( 2006

Outsiders-within: Critical Race Theory, Graduate Education and Barriers to Professionalization 34 Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare 2007 ( 2007

Critical Race Theory and Interest Convergence as Analytic Tools in Teacher Education Policies and Practices - H. Richard Milner, 2008 ( 2008

Unmasking, Exposing, and Confronting: Critical Race Theory, Tribal Critical Race Theory and Multicultural Education | Haynes Writer | International Journal of Multicultural Education ( 2008

Critical race reflections: valuing the experiences of teachers of color in teacher education: Race Ethnicity and Education: Vol 12, No 2 ( 2009

A Critical Race Analysis of Advanced Placement Classes: A Case of Educational Inequality: Journal of Latinos and Education: Vol 1, No 4 ( 2009

Race Still Matters: Critical Race Theory in Education | Taylor & Francis Group ( 2009

Developing Cultural Critical Consciousness and Self-Reflection in Preservice Teacher Education: Theory Into Practice: Vol 42, No 3 ( 2010

Pedagogies of critical race theory: Experimentations with white preservice teachers: International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education: Vol 16, No 1 ( 2010

Toward a Critical Race Curriculum: Equity & Excellence in Education: Vol 35, No 2 ( 2010

-What can critical race theory, a movement that has its roots in legal scholarship, contribute to research in education?

Just what is critical race theory and what's it doing in a nice field like education?: International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education: Vol 11, No 1 ( 2010

Discourses of Racist Nativism in California Public Education: English Dominance as Racist Nativist Microaggressions: Educational Studies: Vol 47, No 4 ( 2011

Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies ( 2011

Racial literacy in a second‐grade classroom: Critical race theory, whiteness studies, and literacy research - ROGERS - 2006 - Reading Research Quarterly - Wiley Online Library 2011

The aesthetics of white racism in pre‐service teacher education: a critical race theory perspective: Race Ethnicity and Education: Vol 14, No 4 ( 2011

Racial Pedagogy of the Oppressed: Critical Interracial Dialogue for Teachers of Color: Equity & Excellence in Education: Vol 45, No 1 ( 2012

Derrick Bell, CRT, and educational leadership 1995–present: Race Ethnicity and Education: Vol 16, No 4 ( 2013

Teaching in color: a critical race theory in education analysis of the literature on preservice teachers of color and teacher education in the US: Race Ethnicity and Education: Vol 17, No 3 ( 2013

Trayvon Martin and the curriculum of tragedy: critical race lessons for education: Race Ethnicity and Education: Vol 16, No 4 ( 2013

Critical Race Theory in Education: A Review of Past Literature and a Look to the Future - María C. Ledesma, Dolores Calderón, 2015 ( 2015

"The Failure of Whiteness in Art Education: A Personal Narrative Inform" by Sunny Spillane ( 2015

The Relevance of Critical Race Theory: Impact on Students of Color | Urban Education Research & Policy Annuals ( 2016

Critical Race Theory and the Whiteness of Teacher Education - Christine E. Sleeter, 2017 ( 2016

Disrupting Postsecondary Prose: Toward a Critical Race Theory of Higher Education - Lori D. Patton, 2016 ( 2016

School-Norms-and-Reforms-Critical-Race-Theory-and-the-Fairytale-of-Equitable-Education.pdf ( 2016

The “New Racism” of K–12 Schools: Centering Critical Research on Racism - Rita Kohli, Marcos Pizarro, Arturo Nevárez, 2017 ( 2017

In Real Time: From Theory to Practice in a Critical Race Pedagogy Classroom ( 2017

Critical Race Theory Meets Culturally Relevant Pedagogy: Advancin...: Ingenta Connect 2017

The Grow Your Own Collective A Critical Race Movement to Transform Education on JSTOR 2019

Analysis of Black Male K-12 Teachers’ Perceptions, Experiences and Their Effects of Underrepresentation in Education - ProQuest 2019

Critical Black women educators: Resisting the racial and ideological marginality of K–12 teaching through critical professional development: Theory Into Practice: Vol 59, No 4 ( 2020

A Necessary Pairing: Using Academic Outcomes and Critical Consciousness to Dismantle Curriculum as the Property of Whiteness in K-12 Ethnic Studies: Equity & Excellence in Education: Vol 53, No 4 ( 2020

Critical Race Theory: Disruption in Teacher Education Pedagogy | Journal of Culture and Values in Education 2020

Critical race theory and the teacher education curriculum: challenging understandings of racism, whiteness, and white supremacy: Whiteness and Education: Vol 0, No 0 ( 2020


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